LACBFFA Summer Mixer

The LACBFFA Hosts Summer Mixer, sponsored by ITC Diligence International Inc.

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Since 1949, the Los Angeles Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association (LACBFFA) has promoted and supported Southern California customs brokerage, freight forwarding and the entire NVOCC industry. The LACBFFA conducts regular workshops to help deepen relationships between Southern California organizations and businesses that operate everywhere on the supply chain. As an incredible resource to local business and agencies alike, the …

Jaxport | ITC | FTZ Consultant

ITC Diligence International Inc. Brings Expert FTZ Consulting Services to The Port of Jacksonville

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The Port of Jacksonville -what locals call Jaxport- is expanding its already impressive FTZ program to add expert 4th party logistic (4PL) services that only a 30 year industry veteran like ITC Diligence International Inc. can provide. ITC Diligence International Inc. and Jaxport achieving this milestone together means the port and FTZ now have resources available to them that range …

75th CSG West Annual Meeting – Discover What’s Possible

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The Council of State Governments (CSG) West is thrilled to announce the Diamond Anniversary of its annual meeting! Legislative representatives, business owners, industry leaders, and keynote speakers from 13 western states will have the opportunity to deepen relationships, network, gain and provide insights, enjoy incredible food, and discuss supply chain policy and issues that are affecting the western United States …


“An Introduction To Foreign Trade Zones”

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Presented by David Harlow -FTZ and Supply Chain Expert for Over 25 Years- at the LACBFFA Webinar The Los Angeles Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association is proud to represent the common business and professional interests of customs brokers and freight forwarders as they navigate the various entities of their day to day business. As such, the LACBFFA has become …

ITC Diligence International Inc. Announces FTZ Consulting Partnership with the Port of Long Beach

ITC Diligence International Inc. Announces FTZ Consulting Partnership with the Port of Long Beach

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For over 30 years ITC Diligence International Inc. has provided FTZ warehousing solutions and 4PL support to the importing and exporting industry in the United States. As such, the minds at ITC Diligence International Inc. have gained a reputation for being experts and a resource for trusted information when it comes to importing and exporting, FTZ warehouse storage, customs clearing, …

World Trade Month | ITC Diligence International Inc.

Join ITC Diligence International Inc. as World Trade Month Kicks Off!

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World Trade Month Begins World Trade Month has arrived and events across the country that demonstrate appreciation for and celebrate decades of importing and exporting here in the United States are being planned. Businesses that operate in the importing and exporting sector all have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of their respective industries, gain insight into advantages and strategies …

ITC | Honey | Anti-dumping

Honey: Sweet, Delicious, and About To Cost A Lot More

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Recently, a delicious and sweet nectar that families have enjoyed for generations has come into the tariff crosshairs; honey. The results of the investigation initiated by the American Honey Products Association (AHPA) and the Sioux Honey Association (SHA) resulted in the amendment of anti-dumping (ADD) and countervailing duties (CVD) for honey, originating from Argentina, Brazil, Vietnam and India. In May …

2022-Border-Legislative-Conference | ITC Diligence

The Mission Inn Hosts The XXXIII Border Legislative Conference and ITC Diligence International Inc Will Be There

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April 28th – 30th, 2022 is when the crucial and important annual Border Legislative Conference will be held. This conference presents an incredible opportunity for businesses in any industry who are impacted by US and Mexico border challenges to vocalize their concerns, make their challenges heard, and push for a solution. ITC Diligence International Inc. – the 4PL partner that …

Supply Chain Solutions | ITC Diligence Inc

US Trade Representative Takes Huge Step Toward Pre-Covid Exemption Levels

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As the trade war continues to become just a memory; a recent decision, made by the US Trade Representative, is allowing hundreds of goods and materials that were previously excluded under China Tariffs Section 301, to be brought back into the country. This move opens the supply chain channels for countless industries across the planet to resume importing specific goods …