Why Cargo Insurance Remains Critical and What Every Importer Needs To Know

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Most experts agree the very first insurance policy was written in Genoa in 1347. The following century saw the expansion of the insurance concept into many different categories, including maritime insurance, where premiums were directly correlated to risk. Today, insurance is its own complex industry, with products that require a wide number of skills to understand, develop, and implement. Cargo …

Ongoing Contributing Factors to Supply Chain Struggles

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As we enter into Spring, port restrictions and rising costs continue to create constraints in the supply chain globally. The importing and exporting industry has been hit incredibly hard over the last few years; being required to navigate everything from tariff tax manipulation to unprecedented weather phenomenon. Still, as signs of relief are on the horizon, Covid-19 continues to place …

The FTZ Program and ITC-Diligence: Synonymous in Growth

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The Foreign Trade Zone Program over the past 50 years has experienced steady growth positively impacting the international trade industry. Although, the turn of the century and inception of the popular Weekly Entry Program jolted the FTZ Program into fourth gear with exponential growth over the past 20 years. The utilization of automation further cemented its growing presence in the …