ITC Diligence International Partners with Riverside County to Provide FTZ Consulting Services

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ITC Diligence International is proud to announce a new partnership with Riverside County, CA. As a licensed customs broker and FTZ consultant with over 30 years of experience, ITC Diligence International brings their expertise in Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) strategy and supply chain logistics to Riverside County and its stakeholders.

One of the key services provided by ITC Diligence International is education on the benefits of FTZs. For those who may not be familiar, FTZs are designated areas within the United States where foreign and domestic goods can be imported, stored, and processed without being subject to certain federal customs duties and taxes. This can be a huge advantage for businesses looking to import and export goods, as it can save them time and money.

In addition to education, ITC Diligence International will provide marketing strategies to help Riverside County attract and retain businesses that can benefit from FTZs. Through outreach and retention efforts using federal, state, and local channels, ITC Diligence International aims to make sure that businesses in Riverside County are aware of the opportunities that FTZs can provide. ITC Diligence International also provides advocacy and representation services, working with agencies at the federal, state, and local level to ensure that the interests of Riverside County businesses are protected and represented.

Furthermore, ITC Diligence International provides on-call FTZ consulting services to help businesses navigate the complexities of FTZ  programs and take full advantage of the benefits they have to offer.

With this partnership, ITC Diligence International brings its wealth of experience and knowledge to the Riverside County community, helping businesses to grow and prosper through the strategic use of FTZs. ITC Diligence International is committed to working with Riverside County's staff, corporations, landowners, federal agency stakeholders, and any other municipal stakeholder that would need to know about Foreign Trade Zone benefits.