Here at ITC-Diligence International, we pride ourselves on hard work and results.
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Client Testimonials

ITC-Diligence and their staff are an excellent organization providing strong communication, import and export services, as well as Foreign Trade Zone solutions. ITC's team of experts has been our go to source for all our bonded shipments. In my 15 years of doing business with ITC, their knowledge and resourcefulness are second to none. ITC provides prompt service and timely follow up. ITC genuinely cares that our projects are completed on time and without issue. ITC is a great asset for our team and I confidently recommend them for any FTZ project.

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— Susan Gordin, Purchasing

ITC Diligence provided the guidance and expertise we needed to develop our internal processes and navigate the complex regulatory environment to start our FTZ. Their expertise helped us identify key process changes that made FTZ operations possible for our growing and complex business.

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— Andrew Moss, Transportation Manager

Working with David and his team at ITC Diligence has been a mutually beneficial partnership as we build awareness of our region’s foreign trade zone program. For the last five years, ITC has been a reliable and trusted advisor when providing prospective operators the benefits of incorporating the Foreign Trade Zone into their business. ITC’s years of experience provide us with a level of expertise that we simply could not replicate. We are grateful for their partnership and are excited about the future as this program expands.


— Perry Ursem, VP Retention

Bee Imagine was able to transition from a strictly domestic 3PL business to a comprehensive FTZ 3PL partner for a multitude of customers. All of this with the greatest of confidence in our internal processes and achieving compliance in every transaction that passes through our warehouse. ITC-Diligence was instrumental in this transition and remains a valued partner in our growing business.

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— Josh Hurtado, VP Operations