The FTZ Program and ITC-Diligence: Synonymous in Growth

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The Foreign Trade Zone Program over the past 50 years has experienced steady growth positively impacting the international trade industry. Although, the turn of the century and inception of the popular Weekly Entry Program jolted the FTZ Program into fourth …

David Harlow on The Effects of Ongoing Supply Chain Issues in California

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The Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles continue to feel the effects of ongoing supply chain issues caused by the global pandemic. The global pandemic limiting physical presence on worksites, coupled with the incredible convenience and …

Customs Brokers Critical | ITC

Why Are Customs Brokers Critical Today?

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Four months after the Constitution of Independence was signed, the US Customs Bureau was born as one of the first federal agencies in our country. On August 5th 1789, Captain James Weeks of the Persis landed in New York with …