Ongoing Contributing Factors to Supply Chain Struggles

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As we enter into Spring, port restrictions and rising costs continue to create constraints in the supply chain globally. The importing and exporting industry has been hit incredibly hard over the last few years; being required to navigate everything from tariff tax manipulation to unprecedented weather phenomenon. Still, as signs of relief are on the horizon, Covid-19 continues to place …

ITC | US-Canada | Border Protest

4PL and FTZ’s: Solutions For Businesses Affected By Border Protests

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At 8:30 am on Valentine’s Day, the Ambassador Bridge was reopened after being shut down for almost a week due to ongoing protests against cross border covid restrictions. Connecting commercial lines between the US and Canada, the Ambassador Bridge is the busiest commerce crossing in North America. Built over 9 decades ago, this bridge continues to provide importers and exporters …

ITC | Chinese New Year | Supply Chain | 4PL

The Chinese New Year Causes Supply Chain Slowdowns. 4PLs Offer a Competitive Advantage.

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When most people in the United States start planning for February, romance and companionship are the first things that typically come to mind, so the inspiration can begin. Pink and red, hearts, cards, small gifts and big gestures all usually accompany many of the feelings of February for Americans. Depending on where you are in the world, however, it can …

ITC | Cargo Insurance | Train Theft

Los Angeles Train Robberies Accentuate Need For All-Risk Cargo Insurance

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Masked train robberies are typically thought of as a representation of a bygone era. In coordinated attacks, bandits and thieves would identify specific areas where trains could be stopped or slowed down, leaving them vulnerable to attack and ripe for the picking. There was a time when a famous individual or group, like The Wild Bunch in the late 1800’s, …

4PL and FTZ Operators See Spring Supply Chain Shortage

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Across each function on the supply chain, logistic operators are sending a warning sign. Newly imposed Chinese lockdowns, in an attempt to keep the Omicron variant stifled, will halt imports/exports, mail delivery, external package delivery and cause the global supply chain to fall behind, again. China represents almost one third of all global manufacturing and, as a result, when China …

Vessel Backlog-ITC-4PL

Frozen Vessel Backlog Shows Minor Signs Of Thawing

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The world has made it into a new year, and as we look toward the great unknown, it’s always a good exercise to take a step back, be thankful that we made it through, and also evaluate the current situation so we can plan for the future. The situation that has developed over the last couple of years in our …

The FTZ Program and ITC-Diligence: Synonymous in Growth

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The Foreign Trade Zone Program over the past 50 years has experienced steady growth positively impacting the international trade industry. Although, the turn of the century and inception of the popular Weekly Entry Program jolted the FTZ Program into fourth gear with exponential growth over the past 20 years. The utilization of automation further cemented its growing presence in the …

ITC | Supply Chain Solutions | 4PL

ITC Diligence International offers unique solutions to supply chain challenges as a fourth party logistics provider.

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Across the entire supply chain there exists opportunities for delays, mishaps, mistakes, and errors, all of which can cost someone somewhere a great deal of resources. From fulfillment to last mile delivery, the more channels that a product needs to funnel through, the more chances that an error can occur. Businesses today know this fact and entire industries have been …