CBP Form 3461

FTZ Academy / Form 3461: Entry/Immediate Delivery for Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)

Entry/Immediate Delivery for Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)

Looking to get goods through Customs? Form 214 is where every business starts. This form acts like an application and a permit to bring goods into a US Foreign Trade Zone warehouse.

Form 3461 is an authorization request to introduce goods into the US commerce system.

Every item for sale in our country has been or will be accounted for on Form 3461.

A few things to consider when completing Form 3461:

  • This form is 100% electronic.
  • The Description of Goods and Approval areas are left blank.
  • Uses much of the information from the bill of lading.
  • Any duties, tariffs, and CBP fees will be paid.

Once the form is approved and the goods have been cleared, they typically move onto rail or truck, and are sent to their final destination. Form 3461 is the last Customs form that is used before goods being brought into the US are delivered to a front door or lined neatly on a shelf for purchase!