CBP Form 7512

Form 7512: Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods Subject to CBP Inspection and Permit

When goods are ready to be moved out of a Foreign Trade Zone, there are specific requirements that must be met. If any goods have been brought into an FTZ, Form 214 will accompany them.

Transporting goods in bond requires Form 7512 to be completed. Form 7512 must be filled out in accordance with the following process:

  • All entities involved in the transportation of goods must be declared in the first section
  • Routing can typically be kept blank since the goods will ship from a FTZ
  • Full description of the goods, quantity, value, and weight in pounds
  • Full description of goods and their weight in pounds
  • Description of the destination port
  • Authorization from the importer and bond carrier

Form 7512 is fully automated and requires authorization from Customs before movement.

There are three types of transport that can be declared on this form:

  • IT - Immediate Transport
    • Used when in-bond goods move to another FTZ or bonded destination located in a different harbor or port.
  • TE - Transportation and Exportation
    • Used when in-bond goods are moved from one port to another and then exported.
  • IE - Immediate Export
    • Used when in-bond goods are to be immediately exported.

The versatility of Form 7512 allows an importer to use it for FTZ movement and bonded warehouse movement, in addition to rail and plane transloading.