Form 214

Application for FTZ Admission/Status Designation

Looking to get goods through Customs? Form 214 is where every business starts. This form acts like an application and a permit to bring goods into a US Foreign Trade Zone warehouse.

Form 214 allows businesses to get goods approved and imported into an FTZ.

When completing Form 214, there are three sections that need to be filled out at different times in the importing process. These sections are:

  • The Application | This first section is the application for the business to bring goods into a United States Foreign Trade Zone warehouse. This section is to be completed by the importer and requires a lot of information, most of which can be found on the bill of lading and arrival notice.
  • FTZ Operator Acceptance | The Foreign Trade Zone operator must accept and approve the goods being brought into the FTZ. The importer will not fill out any information in this section.
  • Permit to Transfer | Depending on the circumstances of good shipment, the PTT is optional. Typically, a PTT is only used in port to port transfers or local relocation of goods into another FTZ.
  • Goods Received | The last section is where the FTZ operator will acknowledge that the imported goods have been received in the FTZ warehouse. The importer will not fill out any information in this section.

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