4PL and FTZ Operators See Spring Supply Chain Shortage

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Across each function on the supply chain, logistic operators are sending a warning sign. Newly imposed Chinese lockdowns, in an attempt to keep the Omicron variant stifled, will halt imports/exports, mail delivery, external package delivery and cause the global supply chain to fall behind, again. China represents almost one third of all global manufacturing and, as a result, when China …

Vessel Backlog-ITC-4PL

Frozen Vessel Backlog Shows Minor Signs Of Thawing

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The world has made it into a new year, and as we look toward the great unknown, it’s always a good exercise to take a step back, be thankful that we made it through, and also evaluate the current situation so we can plan for the future. The situation that has developed over the last couple of years in our …

ITC | Supply Chain Solutions | 4PL

ITC Diligence International offers unique solutions to supply chain challenges as a fourth party logistics provider.

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Across the entire supply chain there exists opportunities for delays, mishaps, mistakes, and errors, all of which can cost someone somewhere a great deal of resources. From fulfillment to last mile delivery, the more channels that a product needs to funnel through, the more chances that an error can occur. Businesses today know this fact and entire industries have been …

aluminum bars

The Tariff Rate Quota Starts With Steel and Aluminum

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From 2015-2017 there was a tightly regulated and documented amount of goods from every sector of the economy imported into the United States. For steel and aluminum, the amounts imported during these years will be the quota for what will become the new tariff structure going forward. The Tariff Rate Quota, or TRQ, sets a standard of allowable goods into …

ITC | Auto Parts | Car Show

Foreign Trade Zones Benefit SEMA Exhibitors In Huge Ways

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The year’s most famous automotive and car parts show is on right now and, after the 2020 show was canceled, hopes and expectations are high for 2021. Pictures have been pouring in since the weekend of classic collectible cars, modified vehicles, new technology and gadgets, and things that make most grown men act like children. The car mecca that is …

David Harlow on The Effects of Ongoing Supply Chain Issues in California

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The Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles continue to feel the effects of ongoing supply chain issues caused by the global pandemic. The global pandemic limiting physical presence on worksites, coupled with the incredible convenience and appeal of online shopping, created a situation where imports spiked through the roof yet there weren’t enough hands to process …

Customs Brokers Critical | ITC

Why Are Customs Brokers Critical Today?

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Four months after the Constitution of Independence was signed, the US Customs Bureau was born as one of the first federal agencies in our country. On August 5th 1789, Captain James Weeks of the Persis landed in New York with various goods from Italy and was assessed the very first customs fee of $774.41. This marked the inaugural collection that …

The US Trade Representative Mulls Over Tariff Exemptions

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The Covid19 pandemic has forced business owners to play hopscotch around safety regulations. One such challenge was when Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 was enacted in what we all know as the US China Trade War. The tapered tariffs that were put on imported Chinese goods were enough for business owners to deal with, but then came …

EPA Guidelines Significantly Tighten Under Biden. Are You Prepared?

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There are a host of risks business owners need to prepare for when running their day to day. Resource shortages, employee issues, competition, and regulatory pressure are just a few of the onslaught of challenges most business owners must deal with. Sometimes these are daily fires which can be quickly dealt with using operating procedures and prep plans, and at …